Coverage at Lublin University of Technology

At present eduroam is available in the following locations:

Indoor locations:
Nadbystrzycka 36 Lublin - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
 - Computer Lab (room 601 - sixth floor)
Nadbystrzycka 36b Lublin - Faculty of Electrical Engieenring and Computer Science / Sports Center
 - Institute of Computer Science (first floor)
 - Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (ground floor)
 - Sports Center (ground floor)
Nadbystrzycka 38 Lublin - Fundamentals of Technology Faculty and Management Faculty
 - rooms 17, 100, 115, 118, 126, 244, 250
 - reception
Nadbystrzycka 38a Lublin - Faculty of Electrical Engieenring and Computer Science
 - Department of Electrical Devices and High Voltage Technology, Department of Electrical Machines and Drives (ground floor)
 - Library, Faculty's Computer Lab, Conference room (first floor)
 - Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (second floor)
 - main lobby (third floor)
Nadbystrzycka 38d Lublin - Rector's office
Nadbystrzycka 40 Lublin - Faculty of Building and Architecture
 - entire building
Nadbystrzycka 40a Lublin - canteen / library
 - first floor
Nadbystrzycka 40b Lublin - Faculty of Environmental Engineering
 - first floor - lobby
 - second floor - computer labs - rooms 210 and 211
 - fourth floor - room 421
Nadbystrzycka 42 Lublin - Dormitory No. 1
 - ground floor
 - first floor
Nadbystrzycka 44 Lublin - Dormitory No. 2
 - ground floor
 - first floor
Nadbystrzycka 44a Lublin - Dormitory No. 3
 - ground floor
 - first floor
Nadbystrzycka 42a Lublin - Dormitory No. 4
 - ground floor
 - first floor

Outdoor locations:
Nadbystrzycka 36 Lublin
 - parking lot in front of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
 - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - patio
Nadbystrzycka 36b Lublin
 - recreational area
Nadbystrzycka 38 Lublin
 - parking lot in front of Faculties of Management and Fundamentals of Technology
Nadbystrzycka 38a Lublin
 - parking lot and square behind Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Nadbystrzycka 38d Lublin
 - area near Rector's office
Nadbystrzycka 40/40a Lublin
 - area near dormitories
 - parking lot in front of canteen


One of eduroam goals is to provide secure network connections. That is why users are authenticated using WPA (Enterprise) or WPA2 (Enterprise) and the data is encrypted using TKIP or AES algorithms. The use of WPA2/AES is advised since it is the most secure combination. More details on connection configuration can be found below.

Network settings

Visitors using the eduroam network should use the same settings as at their home institution. In most cases they will not be required to modify their network setting in any way.

In some rare situations - if the user's home institution uses other network name (SSID) than eduroam - the name needs to be modified.
Additionally if utilized network security is other than WPA/TKIP or WPA2/AES the network settings need to changed accordingly.


In the eduroam service there may be port/protocol restrictions. At Lublin Univiersity of Tehnology the following types of connections are allowed:

Outbound TCP connections: all except connections to the following ports: 135, 137, 138, 139, 445
Outbound UDP conncetions: all except connections to the following ports: 135, 137, 138, 139, 445
ESP protocol: no filtering
AH protocol: no filtering
GRE protocol: no filtering
IPv6 Tunnel Broker service: no filtering
(other connection types are blocked).

Scope of collected information

In the eduroam service it is necessary to collect certain types of information about network usage. At Lublin University of Technology this information is stored for a period of 2 years. It must allow for association of the authentication session (user identity) with the IP address assigned to the user. These types of information are in particular: time and date of authentication and IP address assingment, the assigned IP address, outer EAP identity of the user, physical address of the network interface. Additionally in case of guest access reply of home institution server is stored and in case of users associated with Lublin University of Technology  inner EAP-PEAP identity of the user and their unique identifier are stored.